Don't ask me how it happened - I'm still curious myself.

Somehow, it turns out that over the years I have been dating, I keep returning to the same people over and over again. Would you believe me if I told you their names were 'Megan' - Meg for short.

It has to be more than chance - each of them is a unique and wonderful young woman... they just happen to share the same first name. When ever something would go wrong I'd find someone to talk with and relax with and it would turn out her name was Megan.

At first it seemed odd, then after the first few it got outright spooky.

Hi, could I buy you a drink?

Sure, thank you.

By any chance, is your name Megan?

Why yes, how did you know?


After awhile it just became natural for me to think that there would always be a Megan there to talk to.

At least I'll never have to worry about forgetting a name... birthdays are a very different problem.

This is a work of fiction

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