Eiffel 65's Europop CD has some great tunes. Jeffery Jey's vocals are strong, the technical skill of Maurizio Lobina on keyboard/programming and Gabry Ponte as DJ/mixing have produced one of the best technopop compilations I've run across. This album is nearly unequaled in being the best CD to drop in the slot when you have to drive the car fast and far. Previously the Doobie Brothers "Taking it to the Streets" got me there quickest, but this is better. All the tracks are good, "Too Much of Heaven" brings a little rap flavor, "Your Clown" breaks the pace, "Living in a Bubble" does some synth strings, "Move your Body" certainly has other applications other than driving the car. P L A Y S T A T I O N. Actually I've been to "The Edge" and this is a great toe tapper. There's content in the lyrics, no whining a la grunge and besides, I'm "Blue (Da Ba Dee)". A great mix that breaks up the tempo, but will keep you moving. Check it out. Of course, maybe they just move at the same pace as my heartbeat.

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