Creating Effect Blood for the Stage and Special Effects

Effect Blood is any blood worn by the actor or carried in a stage property such as a weapon. The same considerations of color and viscosity when considering an Edible Blood also apply when choosing an Effect Blood.

The transport should be some sort of waterproof container that can release its contents as needed. Gunshot, puncture and stab wounds can be created through the use of breakable blood bags. Sandwich bags, latex gloves and condoms all burst reliably due to their uniform thickness. Balloons are not a uniform thickness and therefore tend to make poor containers for effect blood.

  • Detergent has excellent viscosity and very good launderability, especially on pre-treated fabrics. Dark green and clear dishwashing liquid only need the addition of red food coloring. Amber soaps will require added blue coloring for believeability.
  • K-Y Jelly creates a thick shiny blood that dries with a chalky appearance. While acceptable as a makeup blood, it should be kept away from the mouth and eyes.
  • ROSCO Blood is the only commercial blood available by the gallon. ROSCO blood tends to be expensive and difficult to clean from stained garments.
  • Two Part Blood is available through makeup supply houses. A chemical gel is applied to the skin and a liquid catalyst to the weapon. When the two come in contact it creates a very believable red colorant. However it is very expensive, 3oz. for $20.00, and also has very poor launderability. Because of the chemcials involved a patch test should be perfomed to test for allergic reactions on both the actor and the make-up artist or props person.

    Part of the Stage Makeup Metanode.

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