Econoline Crush is a canadian industrial rock band. Led by vocalist and lyricist Trevor Hurst the band is also comprised of Robbie Morfitt, Ziggy Sigmund, Tom Christiansen(not tchrist), and Niko Quintal.
The Affliction album is a very industrial work in comparison to the closer to pop albums The Devil You Know and Brand New History. It's interesting to note how much emotion EC was able to put into their heavily industrial songs such as Affliction and Emotional Stain. When asked about the use of electronic music Hurst had this to say:
I'm still a fan of it. The thing that I found was a challenge for us was that a lot of the electronic stuff seemed a little soul-less. Rhys1 always called it 'sprocket music.' I thought that it was the perfect name for it, because it does kind of sound like a machine just clicking along. And we want to kind of put some blood and guts into that sound, and kind of give it some emotion.

Purge EP 1994
Affliction 1996
The Devil You Know 1997
Brand New History 2001

1. Rhys Fulber, producer of Affliction, co-creator of Front Line Assembly and a member of Fear Factory

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