Despite this beautiful, forgotten truth there is nothing.

The world is no longer what you once percieved it to be, no longer a silvery vale draped over your head to cover your eyes from understanding or realizing your own forgotten envious misery of boredom and disbelief.

Eyes shine bright, their shadows echoing off of glass a thousand miles away.

Echoing off of the walls around you, those four white walls that hold your mind captive.

Beings form around the edge of my mind, releasing a poisonous vaper-like fluid that makes me forget, makes me stop fighting.

There is nothing but the driving will to live, with that comes the undeniable need to fight with teeth clenched and wide eyes.

Ever-seeing eyes squint sneakily from inbetween branches and tops of walls.

Ever-seeing eyes do not blink, falter or fade.

They see me.

I keep walking.

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