Introduced in 1963 By Kenner Toys, The original Easy Bake Oven sold for $15.99. Calculating in inflation costs, that brings the price out to around $100 give or take in today's market. Now called the Easy-Bake Oven & Snack Center made by Hasbro, you can pick one up for around $20. Designed for the younger chefs in the house, ages 8 years and up, with the Easy Bake oven you can create cakes and treats for your family just by mixing some water in with the package mix it comes with. Pop it in and a 100 watt lightbulb will 'cook' up your concoction in mere minutes. Initially marked only towards females, after Hasbro purchased Kenner Toys in 1991, the male market was addressed as well.

The Easy bake oven comes with baking pans, small utensils, a 'pan pusher', warmers and a and a recipe booklet. You can also buy additional snack mixes such as the Easy-Bake 4-pack Heart Cookie Mix and the Easy-Bake 4-pack Marble Cake Mix. Over 16 million Easy Bake ovens have been sold and Hasbro continues to hold a Bake-Off for kids ages 8 to 11.

Do a search for "Easy Bake Oven" on the net and you can find it featured on retro toy pages and a scary kind of underground cult following for the best original easy bake oven recipies. Enjoyed by kids and psycho moms alike.

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