Early Edition is a show about a guy who gets "tomorrow's paper, today". Gary Hobson's wife had just left him and he was living in a hotel when, one morning, tomorrow's Chicago Sun-Times arrived instead of today's. Gary didn't realize this at first, but while looking through the business section he saw that a certain stock went up 500 points "yesterday". Gary works as a stockbroker, and he didn't remember this. While at work, he sees that the stock in question just rose 500 points. He then placed orders for a few other stocks that were each to go up. His supervisor had not been pleased with Gary's work of late, and after seeing that Gary had just made several orders, she had a coworker, Chuck, cancel the orders. Chuck didn't get them cancelled in time, and all of the stocks shot up. Gary, as it turned out, had only bought one share of each, and then he told his supervisor he was quitting. He lived in a hotel for the next few episodes, and then was able to convince a millionaire not to turn the home of a foster parent of 10 into a parking garage, and as a gift for renewing his faith in people, the millionaire gave Gary a sports bar, McGinty's. Gary gives Chuck half of McGinty's, and Chuck manages the restaurant, Gary runs around saving people that were injured "yesterday", and Marissa helps both of them out.

Throughout the rest of the series, Chuck leaves, Gary gives his half of the restaurant to Marissa, Chuck returns (albeit for only one episode) and ends up on Jerry Springer with Gary, about Gary giving away Chuck's half of the bar. While Chuck was away, Gary hired a manager for the bar, Erica, who had a son named Eric. Gary falls in love with Erica, but she eventually leaves him. Gary also meets his colleague from the New York Times, who runs his operation differently--he invests in the stock market using the paper and pays other people to run around the city. He eventually retires by giving one of his hired hands his apartment and moving to another. Gary runs into his new colleage when his new colleague loses the paper, and decides to tell Gary. He helps Gary out when Gary gets "audited" by the people who give them their early edition of the paper, and as a result Gary keeps his paper and the NY guy gets an early edition of the Dayton Daily News. In various episodes Gary's parents visit and Gary attempts to hide the paper from them, but eventually gives up. All of the aforementioned people (except for Jerry Springer) know about the early edition.

Early Edition was shown on CBS at 8:00 on Saturdays for all of its four years. Without even a series finale, Early Edition was cancelled to make room the the reality shows that CBS was coming up with. It can still be found on at late night on selected CBS affiliates and occasionally on ABC Family.

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