Autechre's 7th EP, was released in 1999 on Warp Recordings as catalogue reference: WAPEP7. It was also released in the U.S. on Nothing Records as catalogue reference: NTH90999. The EP itself is also available as two seperate releases, EP 7.1 and EP 7.2, each release sharing half the tracks. The Warp (British release) of EP7 contains a hidden track which can be found by reversing six minutes past the opening track, "Rpeg".


  1. Rpeg
  2. Ccec
  3. Squeller
  4. Left Blank
  5. Outpt
  6. Dropp
  7. Liccflii
  8. Maphive 6.1
  9. Zeiss Contarex
  10. Netlon Sentinel
  11. Pir

Although titled and released as an EP, this release was actually an album in scale; 11 tracks spanning the course of an hour, the motivation for this is unclear; but many critics have mentioned that because the release comes as an EP, it is easier to dismiss as what seems to be a disappointing follow-up to 1998's seminal "LP5".

There is a subtle change of pace for this EP, however, as it would seem Autechre have pushed aside the robotic glitch and funk of previous releases and slowed things down, producing a dirty, grainy trawl that pays homage to the dirt of 1995's Chiastic Slide. The beats are loose and flappy, rolling along in a sea of grainy mist from which melancholic synth tones permeate occasionally, playing at the edge of the listener's consciousness, as demonstrated by the excellent mid-album track, "Dropp". Other standout tracks include the epic, emotional, "Maphive 6.1" and the opener, "Rpeg".

However, despite this, most of the album is generally considered unremarkable and tedious, a spin-off release that can be ignored by casual or first time listeners. Between the sonic qualities of "LP5" and "Confield", it was clear that this release was a concept that didn't have enough ideas, or substance to really take off.


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