"Nobody's killing anybody.
Not while I'm around.

Dwight McCarthy is the main character in many of Frank Miller's Sin City stories. Dwight was once a photojournalist and a photographer. His life all changed when a woman who he was in love with, named Ava, left him for another man, Damien Lord. After she left him, Damien was a shell of a man, who was lost in the world without the girl of his dreams.

In Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Ava comes back to Dwight, and uses her ability to manipulate Dwight to kill her husband, Damien Lord. After he had finished the job, Ava tried to kill Dwight with a pistol. At the last second, Marv, a convict and friend of Dwight, saved him, and took him to Old Town. Dwight has the 'working girls' of Old Town fix him up after his near death experience. While in Old Town, Dwight managed to convince Gail and the girls of Old Town to put him back together, fixing his face, rebuilding his body, and give him a new identity. He then hunted down Ava and killed her.

After this story, Dwight is much less of a man on the edge. Due to his rebuilding, he is more calm, and able to control his temper, which can make him very violent. Through his violence, we have seen that he can cause a lot of damage with his great martial arts skills.

Dwight has a few important vices to think about any time you look at him. First, in his own words, "Sex makes me stupid" this vice is a very important one, and left him vulnerable to manipulation by Ava. He is also very easily swayed by beautiful girls, however, after his 'rebuilding' he is a lot less vulnerable, and is seen with a few girls, who have not manipulated him.

Dwight McCarthy is one of the key players in the Sin City Universe. In the Sin City Movie, Dwight McCarthy was played by Clive Owen.

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