Dunhill Dominican Cigars are one of the best handmade cigars that one can purchase in the United States.

They are handmade in the Dominican Republic by the Dunhills; fine makers of cigarettes, clothing, and other items. The cigars have a mild to medium bodied texture that can be easily enjoyed by any cigar aficionado. The filler in the cigars is from Brazil and the Dominican Republic and the wrapper is a Natural shade that does not flake or burn unevenly.

"Dunhill Dominican is one of the quintessential Dominican cigars. Impeccably constructed with very select, aged Piloto Cubano and Olor tobaccos from the Cibao Valley region, and wrapped in a smooth, golden claro Windsor Valley Connecticut Shade wrapper (Natural color), these cigars are the embodiment of what a mild cigar should be… creamy, silky, and delicious." (jrcigars.com)
The Dunhill Dominicans come in eight different sizes :
  • Name (Length x Ring Size)
  • Altamira Tubed (5.00x48)
  • Cabrera Tubed (7.00x48)
  • Condado (6.00x48)
  • Diamante (6.62x42)
  • Esplandido (8.50x50)
  • Peravia (7.00x50)
  • Samana (6.50x38)
  • Valverde (5.60x42)
Personally, Dunhill Dominicans are my favorite cigar that I have ever encountered. In my cigar journal, the Dunhill Dominican Cigars never let me with a bad taste, bad draw, or bad burn. Every Dunhill Dominican that I ever smoked has been flawless which ensures their consistency of excellence.

If you are looking for the absolute best non-Cuban cigar then I highly suggest the Dunhill Dominican line!

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