Droids was a children's cartoon series created in 1985 by Nelvana Animation and 20th Century Fox, starring the two most famous robots in Star Wars canon, C-3PO and R2-D2. The series takes place fifteen years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The duo starts out the series with no masters, and quickly they find a new master to fill that apparent void in their lives. The lucky duo are the mohawked Thall Jobin and Jord Dusat, who are Speeder mechanics. They then proceed through two more sets of masters over the first season.

The series involves smugglers and traders, riff and raff, and ends up having very little to do with Star Wars, despite the occasional light saber presence. The cost of Anthony Daniel's voice and a very high frame rate helped make this unremarkable series not last past it's first season of thirteen episodes.

One of the more interesting things about this series is that it reveals that C-3PO gains pupils in his eyes, as well as eyelids, some time after Episode III, and must lose them at some point before Episode IV.

Thanks to Pseudo Intellectual for some of the more particular details!

The thing that really sticks with me from this cartoon was (oddly enough) the theme music.

The music was done by Stewart Copeland of The Police and British composer Derek Holt, who called themselves "Colts".

I wish I could remember any of the lyrics, besides the title (repeating endlessly in my head..."trouble again....trouble again.....trouble again.."...noooooo....), but I do remember the song having a kind of epic rock/pop sci-fi sound that obviously defies comparison.

This song was never released commercially.

see: http://www.bolchini.com/mow/police/related.txt

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