Remember this is about Japan. Japan is a drinking culture where business is done over alcohol. If everyone does it, it's OK - it's a group-oriented culture. Don't be surprised to know that even Sony has its own bar where only its employees can gather to drink.

So, during a meeting when everyone's face starts to get red and the vice-president's speech starts to slur, don't be surprised. Even if the president starts yelling something and you can't quite make out what in the world he is saying, don't worry. Banzai goes perfect with kanpai.

At our regular monthly company meeting, about 60 or 70 of us workers cram into the board room to hear speeches by our shacho and bucho. Most of us don't know what in the world they were talking about, not only can it get technical, but most of the information discussed is new.

And then time for sushi and


People can start to do crazy things. There is laughing everywhere. But everyone must eventually try to get back to their work and finish up because it is late at night. But, everyone is planning the next place to go drinking.

A salaryman's life is the life for me.

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