Is something that i've been contemplating doing for the past half a year or so. Somewhat inspired by the newish MTV show, Jackass, i've been toying with this idea and continually trying to get the nerve to actually do it.

See here's what would happen; i would dress up in a chicken suit, and go to the farthest golf course from my home, and run around clucking and screaming like a chicken. I havn't decided yet wether or not i'll take a bunch of golf balls with me and act as though i've been laying them. You know, squat on the ground and grunt and whatnot, finally producing an "egg."

My reasoning behind doing this would not be to run around screaming while dressed up in a chicken suit, but rather to give the people on the golf course something to go home and talk about. I don't know, but i think that families are running out of things to talk about at the dinner table. At least i wold enjoy going home to my spouse and kids and tell them about how at the golf course i saw a man dressed up as a chicken "laying" golf balls and handing them out to people. Plus it would also be fun too. I mean how often do you get to make someone's day and dress up like a chicken and act like an idiot. From personal experience; not very often.

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