I've read that houses are often a way for your subconscious to express things about the structure of your psyche in a dream. For instance, the basement is often where we find things that we want to put in deep cold storage, things that tend to lurk. A dream where you don't want to go dark to the basement may be telling you that you have some dark things buried deep down. Conversely, the upper stories are often linked with our "higher" aspects -- reason or spirituality, depending on your values. I once had a dream where I wanted to climb the stairs to the upper floors, but the stairwell also led to the basement -- things would come up and stand in my way. I wanted to grow, but there were some things I had to deal with, first.

The living room is the place where we receive guests, so it often has to do with our social self and our feelings towards social situations. I once had a terrifying dream where a whitley strieber style alien barged in through the front door and grabbed my arm. I have a much healthier attitude toward the Other now, I'm glad to say.

As in all dreams, if details seem important, then they are. Windows usually mean receptivity of some sort. Is it open or closed? Is it clear or foggy?

There's much more to consider about houses, but the metaphor is easily extended: How is the foundation? Does the roof leak? Are some rooms dusty? Thinking about these things might give you a better idea of what you are trying to say to yourself through the dream.

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