I had a really weird dream last night. I don't remember how it started, but the first thing I do remember was that Brian, my ex-boyfriend, was with me, we were in a bathroom or something, and we were talking. Then, he kissed me, and I kissed him back, and we just started making out very heavily, and just when we were about to do it, I stopped him, and said I couldn't, because I love Collins. Then, I realized I was giving birth. My baby was coming out feet first, and I finished pulling her out. I named her, but I forgot what name I gave her. She was pretty, and very intelligent, and developed rather quickly. I mean, five minutes after birth, she was already starting to talk. She was beautiful, and I loved her.

The next day, she was already looking like she was 7 years old, and she was still beautiful and incredibly intelligent. She had blue eyes, and straight medium brown hair and her skin was tanned. Then something happened that I had to leave her with someone for a day or two, and I felt horrible about it.

When I came back, she looked like she was 15, her hair was darker and slightly curly, she looked more like me, her eyes had darkened as well, they were now hazel colored. I wanted to take her back with me, and she said "What, you think you can come back after all this time like nothing had happened? Look how much I've grown while you were gone!" She was six days old, and already was full of teenage angst.

I started trying to win her back, but I knew it wasn't working. She was embarrassed of me. We were at a movie theater with some of her friends, and they were just rejecting me. "Come pick us up after the movie, mom. Bye." and they walked away. I was left wondering "what did I do wrong?" I just couldn't get it. I was infinitely sad, and I felt like crying, but I held my tears back.

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