The dream takes place at an airport. Our family, including mom's dad, are going to somewhere; somewhere I don't know. It's not a proper vacation but rather just a weekend trip. As soon as all the passangers have taken their seats an old, fat arab man is taken into the plane. He is in a sickbed dressed in full robe and followed by a nurse and two younger fellow arabs. In reality, it should be impossible for me to see that they are coming and that they didn't went throught the security check. But I did see that and it is very obvious that the man in a bed has belted himself with explosives.

I stand up and claim that he should be body-searched. I can even see the dynamites jutting out of his robe. "Shut up!" "You are a racist!" "He's sick and the religion says.." all I get for a response. I'm amused that people are so afraid of false suspicion. I just want him to go through the bloody security control like everybody else did! "Very well, you think I'm a racist but I'm rather a racist than kidnapped or dead", I grunt as I walk out of the plane. My family joins me and after few seconds the whole aeroplane is empty, people having second thoughts on the principles of airport security. People just flee leaving the hijackers bemused.

We were not in hurry though and we take a bus. It's a very modern building near the airport we are heading at. There, after going up to the third floor with "scenery" elevator -- I feel very distracted inside the elevator and I feel the Void -- we join the meeting. I don't know the topic but the audience consists merely of meaned-to-be-fellow passangers and some awards are granted. My two cousins, Piia and Anne are there two and their parents. People are having genuinely good time but I'm fucked. My mood is low propably because it's not my free choice to be here. It's rather an unpleasant responsibility, an act of loyalty.

Finally the meeting is over and also Piia is fed up with the speeches. She asks what I think and I say that it was something I expected - unfortunately - but the last speaker, Mr. Pemberton sucked big time. She doesn't quite agree but expresses even more hostile attitude saying that this was total waste of time. She takes few fast steps catching up her sister and I walk behind them eventually joining my brother Tero and grandpa.

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