I had somehow gotten into an ancient lost world, filled with strange animals and traps. There were three types of animals; snakes, bunny-like ones, and small felines, but I dont remember how I got from the surface to the hellish underground maze..

The mazes were like dark mining shafts, and a few of the old human-like droids of the lost civilization still defended the place against intruders. I managed to find myself a metal mask and a chestplate before finding a first piece of the strange puzzle, a small piece of wood, which according to the text on it had been a window rasp in a old airplane. I had wandered the mazes for a while, untill I noticed that every now and then the roof had different numbers in it. I prodded up one of the numbers, and barely dodged the heavy planks those fell down from the roof as a result of my action. I dont remember exactly what happened in the dream, but at least there was a cybernetic demon somewhere, which for my good didn't want to kill me on first sight.

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