I've been sick with the flu all day, and that has resulted in some interesting dreams. However, the most interesting was last night, when the sickness was just starting. I think this qualifies as the most geek dream I've ever had.

The dream started out with me back in high school (I graduated last year). It seems that our special education department had just gotten a new student: a girl named Corky McDonald. I can only assume her parents hated her from the moment she was born. What kind of person would name a child Corky? Anyway, Corky had the strangest disability I've ever heard of: all of her muscles and joints could only move in or out. It was really...different. She couldn't use a keyboard, because her hands and arms could only move away from or towards her body; she couldn't move her arms or hands from side to side. She couldn't talk, because her lower jaw could only move in or out, not up and down. I have no idea how she ate; the dream didn't concern itself with that.

The first part of the dream involved me being so upset about this poor girls lack of communication with the world that I rebuilt a computer keyboard so all of the keys were in one row. That way, according to the dream, she could reach them all just by moving one hand. I gave her one of my old computers, and set her up with an account on livejournal and another one on everything2.

Then, as dreams do, everything shifted. We were in a church, about to get married. Someone (one of my family members?) asked why I was going to wed this girl who was so disabled as to be almost useless. I explained that she had so many friends on livejournal, and had created so many nodes on everything2 that I had to marry her so that I could have her friends and levels on everything2 for myself. Someone else (one of her relatives?) asked what had happened to my pity or love or something. I said that everything was going to be okay, because she could have my slashdot account and edit wikipedia under my name. It was at this point, thank God, that I woke up.

I really, really hate those dreams that both make you feel awful, and realize what a complete loser you are at the same time! I mean, until last night, I had hardly used my E2 account at all! I didn't know I cared that much. This is what happens, kids, when you browse everything2 in bed on your wireless laptop.

The only moral I can find in this is: if you're a high level female user, don't say yes if I propose to you. I just want access to your account, apparently.

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