100 Word Dream Log:

The dark beauty flowed through her, making her seem Godly. She moved through them, with their eyes transfixed on her. She was the center of attention, her blue eyes, soft, subtle skin, her innocence, they saw it all. They needed it, they wanted it, they yearned for it. I wonder, If they had known how naughty a little girl she was, if this would have ever happened.


"'Ello, ken I ask oo to dance vif me?" he said. He had been watching her all night. He had been mesmerized by her every move. He wanted nothing more than to feel her body, to touch her. He had been afraid of asking her, afraid she might not like him, because he was different. He was right.

"I guess you can't, you don't sound like you can ask anything. C'ya." And like that, she was gone.

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