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  • it was constantly calling me back. We walked around the corner of the house expecting to find something. I knew I couldn't stay.

  • bookstore, inverted, a handsome man.

  • Pete must have cancer.
  • Actually dreamed about the origins of mitochondria in the human and animal bodies... Was along the lines of Parasite Eve (really cool PSX game)... thought that my cells were rebelling against me, rejecting energy...

    Salvador Dali and Bryan Adams were pitching this arthouse movie and I was defending it against a panel of judges that included Madonna, who were all panning it despite the fact that none of them were paying any attention. Madonna even stated outright that she was being contrary just to arouse my lusty juices, so I spat some statistics and durations back at her regarding my less-than-amourous nature, to which she responded the longest she'd gone without was something in the environs of two weeks. There was some brawling.

    Dali was in my subconscious because I'd been reading the story of the making of the Dune movie - prior to David Lynch's treatment Jodorowsky (The Holy Mountain) was working on a truly monumental version starring Dali as the Emperor which for whatever reason never panned out. Alas. Bryan Adams was lurking in my subconscious on account of an article on musicians being from Vancouver but not being proud of it in this month's Discorder. I don't know where Madonna came from, though I imagine it has something to do with her recent movie role and/or American Pie rendition.

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