I'm unsure of the date. It was around this date, anyway.

In the dream, I was in a video rental shop in Germany, a really fine place with rock walls, painted white (the surface of the walls was rough cast). A lot of stuff happened there. I was floating around the shop in air; to stop, I needed to get into the corner of the room.

I wanted to rent some of the movies, apparently, and paid with some Euros. The clerk noted that I used Finnish coins and it turned out that he spoke Finnish very well.

I had an account with the shop, but obviously my account information was outdated. He asked me for the new details.

One field was missing from my account info. He asked for some preference that I did not understand immediately. After some questions, he deduced that I had no idea what he was talking of, so he showed the thing to me.

In order to recommend me good movies, he needed my opinion on the weather. In the shop was a window, from which a beautiful landscape could be seen. On the wall next to the window there was a long column of red buttons with numbers next to them. (The numbers were all less than 100, but there was only 20 or so buttons, and they weren't contiguously numbered.) When a button was pressed, the weather outside of the window changed: It started to snow, or it was foggy, or something else. I was wondering how they did it; apparently it was a real view, with low-tech special effects (snow machines or similar) to create a pretty convincing view.

I decided I liked the foggy view best, the swirling mists were pretty cool-looking. I also bought a bag of something to munch.

I am in a supermarket where there is a display of chicken corpses on the back wall. There are thousands of them, tightly packed together. As I walk down the isle I notice that some of them have been arranged in sexual positions and painted blue.

There are police there, investigating some crime. They're milling around behind the counter. As they walk by I notice that they have some of the same chickens tatooed in blue on their forearms.

I stop one cop to take a picture of his tattoo, but he keeps playing with the camera, showing me how to use it, so I never get the chance to use it.

NOTE: Follow the hardlinks for possible symbol interpretations.

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