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  • I was taunted into a fight with a huge bruiser, in some location that was a cross between Xenogears' Yggdrasil sandcruiser and the daycare I used to attend when I was little. He immediately got me into a nasty headlock, and I struggled to get free, but he was extremely strong. Finally I wiggled one hand loose, reached behind me, and clawed at his face until I poked his eyes. He let go, and I quickly turned around. A swift knee to his stomach and a punch to the face ended the fight in my favor. People were impressed.

  • I was riding in the car in a Shnuck's parking lot with my dad. Traffic was brutal, ala New York City: horns honking, people getting cut off, etc. Finally my dad found a parking space and turned quickly into it--but some idiotic bike-riding teen, following his skateboarder friends, got in the way. The ensuing wreck injured the boy and smashed in the left side of the car, which was 100%, tip-to-tail chrome. My dad, exasperated, got out and asked for the kid's insurance card. Frightened, he refused to give it, and backed away from his broken bike.
    I sighed. I didn't want to fight someone who was hurt, but I knew I would have to anyway.

  • Walking down a parkway at night (it looked like part of "Deling City" from Final Fantasy VIII) with various people, largely chaperones from YCM. I turned around; to my left was an estate with various stone and black-metal statues on the lawn, among trees. I recalled rumors that gargoyles came to life when the aurora borealis was visible. Sure enough, ribbons of colored light started streaking across the sky. They broke up into little white v's with tails. "The reproductive system," one chaperone commented. "Yeah, they do look like little sperms," I commented sarcastically, which irked him. I glanced over at the statues, and sure enough, a little gargoyle climbed down from its pedestal and started prowling on the lawn. Everything went to chaos as animated statues started breaking through the fence and harassing people. A statue of Darth Vader pulled a blaster and started shooting. I fell, thinking I was hit, but after a moment I realized the shots had just punctured my clothing (ala Shanghai Noon).

    We were all next to the estate house, running from crowds of dangerous statues. One, a figure of an old man wielding a scythe, came at me moaning, "Ozziemore!" (IRL, Ozziemore was a villain my little brother once invented for an RPG in MegaZeux.) Then the sun came up, and all the statues were frozen in place, a whole crowd of them stuck in the motion of surging forward. I searched for the Ozziemore statue, only to find a grinning black fellow wielding its scythe.

    Ozziemore's mission, apparently, was to free four princesses from their statue forms. If successful, he would be rid of his curse and could have all of them as his wives, to do with as he pleased. To help him, the black man and I decided to send my younger brother back in time to ancient Asia. We submerged him in a large fish tank that also contained four figurines, each smaller than the previous; they represented the princesses. One was colorful plastic--that princess had already been saved. The other three were stone. I began to wave my hands, doing the necessary spells to protect my brother. Bubbles flew from his ears: good, he could now hear perfectly underwater. When I tried to give him water-breathing, though, only more ear-bubbles came. The black man commented, "Why are you doing that? You're only taking more air from his body." My Bro surfaced, sputtering. I tried to reassure him that I'd have the spell done in a moment, but he interrupted. "Hey! This ticket"--he held up a luggage tag--"says I'm going to Tokyo!" "Right, now get back in there," I said irritably, and started trying the spell again.

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