Okay. I wake up (in my dream that is) and my bedroom's bright pink. I liked it… So any way, I got up had a shower, breakfast blah blah, and got on the bus for school.
I was so happy, I had a bright pink room*.
Hardly anybody was on the bus, seemed like a pretty normal day. I got off the bus and realized I was floating. This day keeps getting better and better!! I float off to class, where my teacher is David Bowie. Okay..kinda weird. My fellow classmates don't know who David Bowie is, so everybody's doing the usual trick the teacher, swap names. You know, how it is.

Then theres a massive earthquake and the school buildings just collapse. Yay! Natural disaster! This day keeps getting better and better!
I climb from the ruins, with my fellow classmates. David Bowies dead… oh well.

I'm suddenly at home, and I fall over in the kitchen. Then I wake up, to my normal bright orange bedroom.

*I don't like bright pink in real life.

Highway at four am, speeding 70, 80, 90, 110...blurrrrrushsigns melt into me and the landscape, singer of the eternal love song america the beautiful america the grand america the cop coming round the corner and but now it's too late me and the pig and the highway cementasphaltblurneonburningcrimsoninmyhead and we're all one now a glowing beautiful it and then i wake up and it's time to go to sleep

I'm in a car park by the seaside driving a car, trying to park so I can go to the pub*. Cat Deeley is inside the car with me (bingo!) I race a friend who is in another car to a parking spot. Cat is exceedingly pleased and kisses me. Then *ding dong* Damnation! I wake up because the postman can't fit the latest Amazon package through the door. I mutter various expletives.

* Drink driving is bad kids. Don't do it. Not even in your dreams. I woke up before I had to go home. You can too!

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