Drakkhen was one of the first games released for the SNES, and also one of the few first person RPGs released for that platform.

The action in Drakkehn followed a standard, if somewhat more confusing then most, RPG plot, about dragons, humans and a weird creature called the Drakkhen that was a mix of both.

Plot aside, the action of the game consisted of walking around from one castle to another, trying to unravel the game's plot. Of course, every 30 seconds your party, which consisted of four heroes, was stopped to fight with some monster or another. Of course, this was neccesary to gain money and experience.

Standard gameplay aside, this game did have its moment. When I let the first person perspective take a hold of me, the game transmitted atmosphere quite well, especially since the music was quite good.

The game also inspired a much better sequel, Drakkhen II.

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