The Babylon 5 Project

Franklin, Dr. Stephen

Chief of Staff, Medlab Facility, Babylon 5


    2263: Head of Xenobiological Research, Earthdome
      Replaced Dr. Benjamin Kyle.
    2258: Chief of Staff, Medlab Facility, Babyon 5
      Replaced Dr. Benjamin Kyle.
      Resigned in August 2260 while battling Stim addiction, and returned shortly thereafter.


    Medical Training

      Specialist in Xenobiology





      Resigned his position when he realized he was addicted to Stims, and then proceeded on a Walkabout.

    Minbari War

      Destroyed his notes on Minbari physiology rather than have them used by the Earth Alliance to develop a bioweapon.


      Once known to trade his medical talents on board ships in exchange for passage to other worlds so that he might learn more.


      In the aftermath of the Drakh War, Franklin was on Earth when the Drakh poisoned the atmosphere, and forced the Interstellar Alliance to quarentine the Homeworld of the Earth Alliance.

      Franklin still served as head of Xenobiological Research and was part of a covert operation to transport himself to a quarentine room on the Excallibur.


      Father: General Richard Franklin

Dr. Steven Franklin first appeared in "Soul Hunter" replacing Dr. Kyle who appeared in "The Gathering"
Resigned as Chief Medical Officer in the episode "Interludes and Examinations"
Returned to duty in "Walkabout"
Left Babylon 5 in "Objects at Rest"
Franklin is still head of Xenobiological Research in "Sleeping in Light"

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