Dr. Phlox, a denoblian academic, started his serve on NX-01 the day it took off, due to a coincidence: He was taking part in the inter-species medical exchange serving in SF hospital, when the Klingon Klang was being shot by Suliban near Hochatown, Oklahoma in Broken Bow. He was the one to treat him, and as Cpt. Jonathan Archer was still missing a medical officer in his crew, he bluntly asked him to come along.

Phlox is one of the most interesting and humorous characters on Enterprise, standing in the tradition of Spock and Data, observing humankind from a somewhat external position. His most humorous appearance is in Two Days and Two Nights, where he is being woken up from his essential 48hr-hibernation procedure to treat Travis Mayweather. I had to lol even the third time I was watching it.

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