Double Happiness (or Dub Hap as my friends and I have started calling it for short) is a small lounge/bar in SoHo, Manhattan. Its at 173 Mott St., which is on the corner of Mott and Broome down in the Chinatown area of SoHo. The lounge itself is down in the basement of the building and is has a very dark feeling. There are tables lining the walls of the room and plenty of space in the middle for dancing to the live-DJ spun tracks of mostly trip-hop, trance, and drum and bass.
The coolest thing about the bar, however (aside from the fact that they don't usually card at the door, if you arrive early enough (only 7 more months)), is that I've heard the rumor that the bar has a pretty varied history, including a speakeasy during the years of prohibition.

Their drink menu is nothing to be sneezed at, either.

All in all, a very good bar in a convinient location, with an excellent ambiance. I highly recommend it for any night of the week, but it gets really busy on friday and saturday nights, so be forewarned.

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