Now on BBC 1, it's time for Children's BBC!

the BBC globe fades out, to be replaced with the CBBC logo, which is promptly faded out again. The BBC globe returns, with the word "ALBA" underneath

The announcer is speaking Gaelic. The only words which the regular viewer understands are 'BBC', and 'Dotaman'

This, gentle reader, is the beeb catering for the minority of Scottish children who speak Gaelic. Most frequently, it infuriates those who do not, and are missing out on Bananaman, or whatever other program was supposed to be on.

For noders down South who never experienced this program, it's something equivalent to Playdays, or The Singing Kettle. But less fun to watch.

Much to my surprise, it's still around - and even has its own web page. You can read about it - in Gaelic, of course, at

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