Dorothy Dunnett was one of the world's premier writers of historical fiction. Her work was as well researched as any ever written and her ability to blend history with her own fictional characters and plots was unsurpassed. She was born in Dumfermline, Scotland in 1923 and worked as a press officer in the Civil Service until she began her writing career in the 50's. Her first book, The Game of Kings was released in 1961. It is the first in the Lymond Chronicles and tells the story of a brilliant and daring Scottish nobleman who becomes wrapped up in European politics during the 1540s and 50s.

Dunnett was also a talented portrait artist and has had much of her work displayed at the Royal Scottish Academy. She was deeply involved in public service as a member of many cultural committees and as a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Library of Scotland. In 1992 she became Dame Dorothy Dunnett when she was appointed an Officer of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth. She lived in Scotland with her husband Alistair Dunnett until her death in 2001 at the age of 78.

Her loss is deeply felt by many, but her many books and the lasting impression she left upon her readers survive her. Her writing was so colorful and vivid that it is impossible to forget her florid, richly developed characters or remarkable talent in bringing scenes to life. Her interwoven archaic literary references and knowledge of the historical details of her stories truly proved her mastery of the genre. She will be deeply missed.

The Works of Dorothy Dunnett

The Lymond Chronicles

The House of Niccolo

The Dolly Series

King Hereafter

The Scottish Highlands w/ Alistair Dunnett

About The Author - Lymond Chronicles

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