The second episode in the anime Big O, the previous episode being Roger the Negotiator.

After DOROTHY-1 crashes to earth, Dorothy herself vanishes. Roger is confused, but with the help of informant Big Ear, he's able to track her down to a nightclub called "Nightengale". But when he confronts her, she keeps silent-- and the man she's accompanying identifies] himself as her grandfather!

The gentleman is Timothy Waynewright, and he's apparently the mastermind behind the creation of both Dorothy and DOROTHY-1. Soldarno was only providing the production facilities. Before Roger can get an explanation, Beck appears, and seizes Dorothy. The situation goes sour, and Timothy Waynewright ends up shot dead.

Roger is forced to summon the Big O again when Beck appears, piloting the damaged but still functional Dorothy-1 himself, via remote control. Roger discovers that Beck has rigged R. Dorothy onto the front of Dorothy-1 as both a control mechanism and power source, so he's understandably reluctant to attack the robot. A deft move makes it possible for him to rescue Dorothy, and Beck is soon apprehended.

As the episode closes, Dorothy joins Roger's household to pay off her debt to him, much to his consternation!

The next episode is Electric City.

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