The first episode in the anime Big O. Roger opens the show with a brief narration, explaining himself and Paradigm City's lost past. He soon puts his expertise as a negotiator to use, taking a hostage back from Beck and his "family". But the hostage, allegedly the daughter of industrial tycoon Miguel Soldarno, isn't what she seems. Soldarno claims that she's not his daughter-- and indeed, she's actually an android. Roger isn't sure what to make of this. Is the real kidnapped girl somewhere else?

When he returns home, he finds R. Dorothy Waynewright, the android hostage, waiting for him. Despite his objections, Dorothy insists that Roger become her guardian. At that point, Police Major Dan Dastun stops by to fill Roger in on further details of the case-- namely, that Soldarno doesn't even have a daughter. This intrigues Roger, and he unwillingly takes Dorothy to see Soldarno.

But at his factory, the pair find Soldarno dying, apparently the victim of a robbery and beating. "I didn't want to make it for people like them", he chokes out, and expires. Roger and Dorothy are then attacked by two of Beck's "family", but take them out with help from Dorothy's android strength and speed and Roger's gimmicky car.

We soon find out what was stolen-- a tremendous female robot, Dorothy-1, which is well-equipped to start robbing Paradigm City's bank. Roger and Dorothy head over to the crime scene, where he summons the Big O to do battle with Dorothy-1. After a brief but intense fistfight, the Big O scores a decisive victory. But R. Dorothy is somehow connected to the smashed Dorothy-1, and as it falls towards the street, she and Dan Dastun find themselves directly underneath it...

The next episode is Dorothy, Dorothy.

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