A Nature of the Beast production, which is not to classify it as a film, or a movie, but rather as data on video tape.

Doppelgamer is an independent film completely amateur video written and directed by Angus Reid. It details, in some fashion, experiences of the members of the Macalester Gaming Society as they become the unwitting pawns of two diametrically opposed supreme beings. As these two beings (Light and Death) battle each other in the arena of such games as chess, checkers, and Twister, they eventually end up playing Magic: The Gathering. Death taps the Doppelgamer card, which allows him to possess the soul of any of the Macalester College gamers.

The "plot" of the movie progresses as Light and Death compete with each other playing different games. The Macalester Gaming Society officer Robert learns of a passage in the Book of Mormon that speaks of the coming of the Doppelgamer, that will ultimately be the undoing of the society. Robert learns that the gamer possessed by the Doppelgamer card must either kill other gamers, or die themself. As Light and Death play different Magic cards (such as Resurrection and Fog) during the cut-scenes, members of the cast alternately die and/or are reborn. The story ends with the final death of Deathboy, the last gamer possessed by the Doppelgamer.

There are those who would consider this production an ensemble film, since there is no discernible main character - that would be a mistake. Each of the "characters" in Doppelgamer is a real gamer as an actor. Although it is a student film, Doppelgamer has earned a very warm place as a rite of passage in the Macalester Gaming Society. Since it contains all of the founding members of the society in its cast, it has served as a cradle of history, not to mention comedy.

Doppelgamer avoided the dramatic constraint of a plot by excessive creative "borrowing" of gamer memes - such as Star Wars, The Crow, The Princess Bride, and too many games to mention. Therefore, due to a number of international copyright conventions, it has not been (and will never be) made available for sale or any type of wide-scale distribution.

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