A bot for use with AOL Instant Messenger. It allows offline messaging, where you send an instant message to someone who is offline, who receives it when they log on. To use, send a message to the buddy "DoorManBot4" containing the screen name of the person you want to receive it at the beginning, followed by a colon, and then the message, so that it ends up like this: "AIMUser12345:Hey. What's up? I'm sending you an offline message". When AIMUser12345 logs on, they will receive the message from you.

Programmed by Matthew Goldstein in Visual Basic in 2002 as Cronusbot. After a few months of using it for himself, he realized its usefulness and decided to open it to the public. It has since then been a free service open to all AIM users. When DoorManBot is sent a message, it is split into the destination and the message, which are stored. When the recipient logs on, the message is sent to them, along with the screen name of the sender and the time it was sent. The original sender is then sent a message receipt so that they know it was delivered correctly and when it arrived.


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