A live action children's show that broadcasts on local PBS stations in the southeast. The show features these two aliens Dooley and M.A.R.T.I.E. (Mechanical Assistant Robot That Interacts with Everyone) who have their space ship landed in the middle of a playground (the set of the playground is much like that of the children's television series Barney, a very unrealistic looking set). Each of the characters has some bizarre idiosyncrasy that will make the average adult viewer or AP US History student watching the show at 8 in the morning (in my case) burst out in fits of giggles.

Dooley likes to alliterate his interjections by saying things like, "Jumping Jupiter!" and "Gravity Gravy!". He also calls mistakes "floozles". Dooley looks like an oversized slug and wears a red suit.

M.A.R.T.I.E. has a glitch in his brain and sometimes uses the wrong word. The most memorable one I have caught so far was in an episode about dental hygiene. At the very end of the episode, he butted in, "And don't forget to flush!", meaning "Don't forget to brush!" M.A.R.T.I.E. looks like a big hunk of metal.

Mrs. Z is the mail carrier. She comes in once per episode delivering a "letter" (and by letter, I mean a wooden carving of one of the letters of the English alphabet). The children will make remarks on the letter. (i.e.: "D! That stands for different! Sometimes I feel different because I'm ... different."). She integrates some usage of foreign language in each of the episodes too, and has these horrible puns, most of which never make any sense (i.e.: "I had better make like a pillow and leave!")

The children are equally annoying. The two most frequently-seen ones are a brother and sister. The sister has this huge glossy forehead and the brother has buck teeth and always is sure to speak highly of whatever is prim and proper behavior. "Brushing your teeth is good because it helps you maintain good and healthy habits!"

They also love to sing. Without any warning, they will throw the children into some off-set location like a post office or a farm wearing clothing proper to the location and have them dance about and sing some song related to the theme of the episode. It's best to wear ear plugs. These kids couldn't sing if you tore out Whitney Houston's vocal cords and surgically implanted them in their throats.

You can see pictures of the aforementioned characters at http://www.dooleyandpals.com.

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