A sarcastic little saying to admonish a person not to wait for something. The logic would be that if the person were to hold their breath waiting for this thing they could asphyxiate and perish.

Actually, it's impossible to asphyxiate yourself by just holding your breath. Assuming you had the mental willpower to do it to the point of hypoxia, your brain would eventually prioritize low-level biological functions over remaining conscious, and you would pass out.

Once that happened, your brain would sense the urgent need for oxygen, and cause you to begin breathing again. And what with you being unconscious, there wouldn't be much you could do to stop it.

So in conclusion, if you're going to commit suicide, holding your breath is not the way to do it.

It has been ten months,
and her eyes.
Still. Above all others

This is tearing me to ribbons.
This is tearing me to ribbons.

All my pieces, falling out ,
and down. like snowflakes, which refuse to melt
as we hold them in our hand.
in hand
in hand
to ribbons.

Don't hold your breath
This is going to hurt like hell.

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