The concept of a monogamous relationships seems odd to me. We could be possessive of anything and of course we choose sex. I greatly enjoy sex with different people and still nothing makes me more angry than people confusing sex with love. It cheapens love. Sex is an act and true, some label it an act of love. But I have loved people more than my own life and never had sex with them.
Were I to be jealous, it would be of attentions.
Of time spent away from me.
I am not afraid to lose a loved one to someone is is hung like a rhino, or fucks like a mad man. I am scared of losing loved ones to a man who is more compassionate, understanding, humorous, mild and intelligent.
People I have known are ok with their loved ones "secret" longings for another... "Just as long as it doesn't get physical".
To me that seems so shallow it saddens me.

Again, I play the Devils Advocate. I understand the feelings people endure. I do not know if possessiveness social or natural but I too used to succumb to the green monster. I can respect and even empathize with monogamists not to mention envy them at times. Sex with someone you love as an amazing thing, but it is not the only thing. Life offers many experiences, it would be a shame to pass them all up. Jealousy is an ugly thing and has caused more than its fair share of strife in this world I am merely proposing an alternative. Besides, group sex is a hoot. :)

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