This hard-headed arrogant born-again Christian makes bounty hunting seem like wholesome family entertainment.

Duane Chapman is Dog the famous bounty hunter, and this family man has made a name for himself with his TV show that started in 2004. Dog's big mouth put the show on hiatus in late 2007 after being filmed using racial slurs. A year later he returned to production because he's the Dog. It's an intense program with some philosophical remarks that revolves around chasing the bad guys, what's there not love? Ozzy even sings the theme song.

The Dog runs around and sniffs out the criminals with his bounty hunting family in a half-hour show. This non-lethal mace using bad ass once ran on the wrong side of the tracks in the '70's. Where he served 18 months when convicted of first degree murder for being an accessory to a shooting. After being given a second chance, Dog feels the need to at least try to help fix the criminals he picks up. Yanking them by their boot straps out from which is usually a drug induced rut.

Appearing on the show all the time is Dog's brother Tim, wife Beth, and third born son Leland. They help Dog out with Da Kine bonds and other bondsmen in Hawaii and Colorado. There are also the increasingly more important members, ninth born daughter "baby" Lyssa and the reconciled relationship with his second born son Duane Lee. After they catch the bond jumpers, they cut them down with a healthy talking to and a good sprinkling of god before building them back up. An autobiographical book about the Dog, You Can Run, But You Can't Hide, chronicles his life leading to him becoming a bounty hunter. In Dog's book some of his more infamous hunts are included like the one that took him and his team to El Salvador chasing after a serial rapist.

The Dog and his likeness have made several appearance on other shows. If you watch the Simpsons and South Park, you've most likely have seen a spoof on his character.

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