Babylon 5 Season 2, Episode 19. Written by J. Michael Straczynski, directed by Jesus Trevino. Originally aired on October 11, 1995.

Primary Plot: B5's first telepath, Lyta Alexander, returns to warn them that one of the officers on station is a spy.

Secondary Plot: Ivanova reveals that she is a latent telepath.

Commentary: Pretty neat not because of the episode itself, but all the stuff behind the scenes that lead to it being made: Andrea Thompson, who plays Talia Winters, was not really getting along with JMS and the other cast members. She felt that every episode she had a part in should've been entirely about her, which is entirely opposite from the whole point of having an ensemble cast. And so, JMS got fed up with it and simply wrote her off the show (exposing Talia as the spy) even though she was an integral part of the story arc.

Never piss off the writer.

It's also neat to see what Lyta's been up to since the pilot episode. In most normal shows, cast changes after the pilot are usually just swept under the rug and never mentioned. On B5, everything is explained pretty thoroughly, and reasonably as well--it was a pretty amazing coincidence that the only two people to see Kosh outside his encounter suit, Dr. Kyle and Lyta Alexander, were the two cast members to leave after the pilot. JMS uses that coincidence to his advantage, putting it forth that both were recalled to Earth under "mysterious circumstances" less than a week after that incident, presumably so that EarthForce intelligence could try to figure out exactly what they saw.

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