This is something that has irritated me for a long time. I have cdplayer running, and I put in a new CD. It starts playing. Then, after the song has already started, Windows Media Player pops up, takes over, and starts playing a random track on the CD. Even after I kill Windows Media Player, it manages to tell cdplayer to start playing another random track. Thanks to N-Wing, I figured out how to stop the insanity. N-Wing suggested that this works on Win9x... I'm using Windows 2000, and it works...

Open the Registry (regedit.exe).
Find AudioCD.
Expand AudioCD\shell\play\command

There should be at least one key, hopefully two. Here's what I have:

(Default)      REG_SZ   "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /device:AudioCD "%L"
MPlayer2.BAK   REG_SZ   %SystemRoot%\system32\cdplayer.exe /play %1

Just switch the two values around, and Windows Media Player will stop fucking around. If you never want to use Windows Media Player for CDs, you can delete the other key and just keep (Default). If you've only got one value, just enter into (Default) the path to cdplayer.exe or whatever other CD playing utility you have. I also had a problem with %SystemRoot% not being translated correctly. If you know the path to cdplayer.exe, just type it in explicitly.

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