The Slayers Rule!

The Slayers is an anime series created as a massive project by the collective talents of Hajime Kanzaka / Rui Araizumi / Kadokawa Shoten / TV TOKYO / SOFTX / Marubeni. The main characters consist mainly of the heroine, Lina Inverse, her love interest/sidekick, Gourry Gabriev, the justice-loving Princess, Amelia Wil Tesula Sairuuyn, and the chimera/swordsman, Zelgadis Greywords. There are several supposting characters throughout the many series such as, Xelloss Metallium, Filia ul Copt, Sylphiel Nels Lahda, Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova... among others. The OVA series also include the co-star Naga the Serpent. I won't get into my thoughts about Naga here... that deserves it's own node :P

Anyhoo, back to The Slayers. Nothing like slap-stick comedy and awesome plotlines and twists. I swear, it's possibly the best continuing anime of all time! It's pure genius... except not really, since a lot of people think it's just stupid. But they are obviously wrong.

Lina is a treasure loving, banditkilling, food guzzling, petite girl with a really bad temper. Gourry is a stupid, forgetful, dense, sweethearted guy... Amelia is annoying -_-;;; Zelgadiss is cool, although a bit cool and sometimes very pigheaded.

If you want to find out more about Slayers, you can check out

Slayers consists of the following movies and can also be found in Japanese only graphic novels *drooool*.

(TV episodes 1-26)
Slayers NEXT
(TV episodes 27-52)
Slayers TRY
(TV episodes 53-78)
Slayers Perfect (The Motion Picture)
Slayers Return (Slayers R)
Slayers Great
Slayers Gorgeous
Slayers Special 1-3 ("Dragon Slave" and "Explosion Array")
Slayers Excellent 1-3

as for the title, it's an awesome song by Tilt.

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