A pair of tiny islands - Great and Little Diomede - in the icy wastes of the Bering Straits between Russia and Alaska. Must rank high on the world's worst places to live list.

Son of Tydeus; King of Argos; one of the most attractive characters portrayed by Homer in the Iliad and the Odyssey. He fought on the side of the Achaeans (Greeks) in the Trojan war. He represents a contrast to the character of Achilles. He survives the war despite an attack on the goddess Aprhrodite, and returns safely to Argos in the Odyssey.

One of the sons of the Seven (Epigoni), Diomedes was one of the most courageous and successful heroes to fight in the Trojan War. His reckless courageousness made him favorite of Athena, and his tremendous strength and unparallelled combat abilities earned him kill after kill at Troy where he earned his moniker, the "Lord of the Warcry".

Diomedes was such the warrior, he injured Aphrodite in the Trojan War and even stood against Ares' thrown spear and immediately hurled it back against the God of War and injured him as well.

Diomedes was one of the few who hid in the Trojan horse and as such was one of the few leaders who made it safely back to Greece alive. Later driven to exile, Diomedes fled to Italy where he eventually turned down a final battle against the Trojans remarking, I have fought too many Trojans in my life, I shall not fight another.

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