Dilton is the Archie Comics character that most Everythingians can identify with. He's the geek and brains of the operation. He spends most of his time in his lab (appropriately titled "Dilton's Lab") inventing things, usually dealing with heavy robotics going wrong. He's a short, dark-haired, four-eyed dork, supposedly a genius, but most of the time there really isn't any proof that he is as intelligent as he's said to be. The only evidence of his genius is his high grades, which almost anyone could really do. A lot like Jughead, he's not very popular with the girls except when he lures them in with some brainy technique of his--robotics, time traveling bicycles, and ice sculpture (?).

He gets featured in a lot of those awful Archie sci-fi spin-offs wearing these goggle-like Alex Trebek-style glasses. Makes all the girls squirmish and screaming, "You are smart, I would like to make love to you"

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