One hours and fourty five minutes (by plane) north of Darwin, Dili is the capital of the newly free and independant East Timor (Timor Loro Sae). Dili in recent years has been a troubled place, with riots, lynchings, corruption, open warfare, and massacre.

For example on November 12, 1991:

This day will be remembered forever by the East Timorese as one of the bloodiest days in their History.

Two hundred seventy one unarmed East Timorese civilians (mostly young people) where brutally killed by the Indonesian Army while staging a peaceful demonstration in Dili's cemetery of Santa Cruz.

Three hundred eighty two wounded were counted. Two hundred and fifty more people just "disappeared". --University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Dili, and East Timor deserve more attention from the world and a better write up on E2. I hope to be able to add more positive review of Dili after i go there. (soon fellow noders, soon)

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