Digitally Imported (or DI) Radio is a streaming internet radio station that specializes in European Hi-NRG, techno, and trance music. The station provides constant high quality streaming music with no interruptions or minimal advertisements. DI has grown into four different flavors: Trace, Hard Trance, Hard House, and Eurodance, plus the alternate MostlyClassical. The tracks are usually well spliced, and on occasion DJs will mix the music live.

DI Radio was started by one man known as Dj Ari for the purpose of bringing good European music into the United States. European music was, and still is quite scarce in The States. “Maybe with a few years of internet radio the barriers will start to collapse.” - Ari

DI Radio uses the SHOUTcast broadcasting system, and according to, Digitally Imported Radio always has the most active listeners; now well above 1000 listeners at any given time.

More info can be found at:

Updated: Sun, Mar 24, 2002
The write-up above is slightly outdated. DI radio now has five channels (or streams); those are

All streams are available in at least 128kbps MP3 and in Windows Media format in varying bitrates. The most popular streams also have lower bitrates available (down to 24kbps).

Recently, it seems DI radio, at least on the Trance stream, occasionally puts in 20-second advertisements for various websites, like, which is sort-of annoying, but if that's what it takes to serve 128kbps mp3 audio to 5000+ listeners, I guess it's OK... I know I wouldn't want to pay for (16kByte/s*5000 =) 80 MByte/Sec bandwidth from my pocket money...
From surveying my trance inclined friends, it seems that people tend to go through phases of liking and hating DI. Sometimes the cheese is just too unbearable, sometimes the hard trance station, which I tend to favour, is quite on point - the perfect soundtrack for whatever hi-energy task you're undertaking at the moment (such as getting ready for work, bleh).

DI has also added bulletin boards and polls to their website, allowing you to post feedback and commentaries on each playlist. Occasionally, featured DJ's post their commentaries as well, bridging the gap between the listener and the music. In lieu of website-based chat system, they maintain an irc channel, #diradio, at

I must admit, I'm trying to write this DI-positive writeup, it got stinkycheesey. Perhaps the pattern is deliberate...chunks of time with really good beats, a few minutes of badbad cheese thrown in...right when you're about to break, though, it picks up again.

Ari's got the right formula, apparently.
We keep coming back.

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