DigiGuide is an offline TV listings service available in the UK and Ireland. Basically you connect to their servers every week or two, download the latest set of listings and then you can browse them offline at your leisure.

The client software is currently up to version 4, and is nice and easy to use, has all the features you could want, including

  • Favourites (programs get highlighted) (It's an English program, hence the English spelling)
  • Searching
  • Reminders (like alarms for your program times)
  • Smart searching (searches on key terms or types of program, etc.)
I reckon it's an great replacement for the listings provided by newspapers and magazines, since it offers much more functionality (admittedly more than a piece of paper) and it's free. So long as you don't mind putting up with the ads that it has. You can pay £9.99 to get rid of those though.

You can get more information, and the program itself, at http://www.digiguide.co.uk

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