To say that Dick Sutphen is a hypnotist is a gross understatement. Dick Sutphen is a professional Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, and is the author of the mind-blowing essay "The Battle For Your Mind" (subtitled "Persuasion and Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today"), a shocking and revealing analysis of the insidious battle for control over the minds of John and Jane Q. Public.

The essay was published on the web in May of 1995 by Dynamic Living Media. A copyright exists to prevent corporations from profiting from this work, but he invites people to disseminate his essay for free for informational purposes.

Dick Sutphen is, from all accounts, harder to contact than J. D. Salinger. I would be, too, if I had exposed the frightening degree of control the government and the media can exert through something as common and frequently used as a television set. The web publication of his essay states that the editor and webmaster have no knowledge regarding his whereabouts, and that he can be communicated with "through the usual channels".

Remember how Frank Zappa "died of cancer" (yeah right) after he exposed the government's unconstitutional and unethical manipulation of the media (read "Frank Zappa: Statement To Congress September 19, 1985" immediately! This is not a plug, as I did not node it)? A little healthy paranoia seems justifiable, in my opinion.

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