A street design, originated in Detroit,MI and can be found in several other parts of the state.

Used on a divided street, where traffic in either direction is separated by some sort of median, it provides a fairly simple way of changing directions. It is essentially a sanctioned U-turn: there is a paved curve across the median, usually some sort of stop sign or yield. They alternate these every few hundred feet, so that either direction gets a fair shot at turning around.

This is not quite the same as certain sections where there is a large open space, and either direction can turn around. Those are usually found where there is another street, which needs to go either direction.

       /      |      \
D      |      |      |      B
       \      |      /
O=traffic light

Traffic from A to B or C to D turns right and takes the U-turn. Traffic from D to A or B to C goes straight thru and takes the U-turn, then turns right. All other movements are standard. This is done to remove left turn conflicts, and is a variant on a jughandle.

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