A movie (1997) about people in their early to mid-twenties floating around deciding if they will float passively through life or make their mark.

The story features four temps (Lisa Kudrow, Parker Posey, Toni Collette and Alanna Ubach) in an office with blasting muzak where they are spending more energy pretending to work than actually working (sound familiar to anyone?). Many of the minor characters are extremely recognisable, like the guy who keeps the office supplies fortified or the smarmy executives who don't remember your name.

The gestures are small, nothing that happens in the movie is "Hollywood big". But, there are some unforgettable moments, especially when they all bond after Lisa Kudrow is made fun of and the gesture that Toni Collette makes at the end. Parker Posey puts on an amazing, energetic performance that steals the show.

The director/writer (Jill Sprecher) did temp work before the movie and had to go back to it after the movie was over. That's what's great about these smaller production movies.

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