This is one of the Carnegie Mellon University school songs. It is sung by the Kiltie Band. I don't know the author of the words, or the history behind the song, but I'd love to hear it if anyone knows.

Dear Old Tech
Dear Old Tech-Carnegie Tech,
It's the best of all the schools I ever knew.
Dear Old Tech-Carnegie Tech,
Where every single fellow is true blue.
When I go a strolling out thru Schenley (echo:Schenley)
Tech's the only place that takes my eye,
And when I'm far away from Pittsburgh,
I'll remember you, Tech, 'till I die.

Before merging with the Mellon Institute, Carnegie Mellon University was known as Carnegie Tech.
Carnegie Mellon University is located in Pittsburgh, PA, near a large park called Schenley Park.
There is also a parody version of this song, called "Here's My Check, Carnegie Tech".

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