Schenley Park is a local park near Oakland and Squirrel Hill in the city of Pittsburgh. One nice thing about attending CMU is that this place is basically my back yard. And what a back yard it is.

Schenley Park is over 450 acres of land that was donated to Pittsburgh in 1889. Mary Schenely thought the land would be a great place for a public park, so she handed over the land to Edward Bigelow, the then Head of Public Works. Now, not only is this park home to many wayward college students wanting to get away from their studies, but it is also the home of Phipps Conservatory, a Victorian botanical garden.

Schenley also has many amenities that one might find in other parks. Things like soccer fields, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, a golf course, a frisbee golf course, pool, track, and numerous trails for hiking and mountain biking. However, one of the best parts about Schenley Park is the overlook. There is a spot near the ice skating rink where one can see not only Oakland, but the Pittsburgh city skyline. There is nothing more beautiful than sitting in a tree and admiring the awesome view as the sun gently sets behind Pennsylvania's hills.

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